Scott's Historic Home Improvement Contractors List

When my wife and I bought our home in 2001, I started a list of recommended contractors with referrals from friends. Because so many people contacted me to get names from this list, I decided to post it here as a community service.

Please help me expand and update this list by contributing your comments about people you've hired. Email scott [at] with your listing suggestions including name, contact information and comments. As this list is referral only, contractors are not allowed to add themselves. All comments, ratings and opinions are of the people who hired them are not necessarily my own.

All contractors are rated on the following scale:

5 stars - absolutely fantastic and exceptional
4 stars - recommended - very good to work with
3 stars - average
2 stars - I had issues with their work, perhaps you could find someone better
1 star - I had a disastrous experience and wouldn't recommend hiring them
Lavaca Home

Architects and Designers

Alberto (Beto) Isunza AIA 210-865-8091  
"Known for his modern, green, smart-use-of-modest-space residential work"
Bill Lambert 210-378-0961  
"Projects include finish-out of several of the KW and Camp Street lofts and other residential renovations"
Darryl Ohlenbusch AIA 210-240-3325  
"Experienced in single-family custom residential, multi-family, and historic preservation/adaptive reuse. Portfolio provided on request."
Jim Poteet FAIA, Poteet Architects 210-281-9818
"Jim’s team has completed many thorough renovations of homes in King William, Lavaca, and Monte Vista in the past few years. His studio projects include Linda Pace's Camp Street, the King William Lofts and the Ricos Products HQ. His studio is at 1114 St Mary's"
Candid Rogers AIA 210-224-6979  
"Projects include Rincon Lavaca (Lavaca & Indinola), the metal buildings at St Mary's and the railroad tracks."
Charles Schubert AIA 210-227-2968  
"Projects include many home renovations on Guenther and South Alamo. His studio is at 1102 S. Alamo."


Bathtub Refinishing

Tubman Bathtub Refinishing 210-590-1443 4 stars
"They can make a claw foot bathtub look like new."


Building Science Consulting and Architecture

Chip Henderson AIA, CEM 210-824-8758 5 stars
"I hired Chip to come look at my house and build strategies for future additions and for increasing energy efficiency. Chips consults with my architect and contractors on an ongoing basis for these projects. Many of the local architects utilize this building science guru for historic renovation projects" "We paid chip's firm for a home energy rating which helped us design our AC system and get general advice on the pros and cons of various energy efficiency measures. He is very progressive and knowledgeable about the latest building science."


Builders/ General Contractors

Ed Diaz Construction
512-627-9767 5 stars
"Ed has an extradinary combination of design, engineering and craftsman skills. He was invaluable guiding us through every step of our home remodel. Our project involved lots of reclaimed lumber and required a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. We worked side-by-side with Ed nearly every day tweaking our designs and finishes, talking out how each detail should be approached. Yet, when we had to leave town we know we were in great hands. The final product is exceptionally well built, energy effecient and gorgious. Ed is the consumate professional, great to have onsite and a joy to work with. We are so lucky to have this talent in San Anotnio!"
Nick Ozerov / Boulder Construction
210-490-8818 4+ stars
"Nick is extremely talented as an artistic architectural contractor. I have used Boulder Construction for 3 major renovations of my home. He has helped me to redesign and refurbish the master bath, kitchen, and carriage house in my historic house that was built in 1883. His fees are generally higher than other contractors but he is worth every dollar. He draws sketches of the work in advance to give you a visual representation of what he suggests doing; he keeps his work crew because he pays them benefits; he takes it upon himself to re-do, at no extra charge, any work that does not fit with his own standards of perfection - and he is even more of a perfectionist than I am. The workers leave the sight clean at the end of each day. He is honest and his workers are trustworthy. I have even left town for extended periods and trusted Nick and his workers to continue the work in my home in my absence. The finished product is always 5-star!"
Robert Alverado / San Antonio Builders 210-275-0962 4 stars
"I use his advice all of the time. Robert has a degree in construction science form A&M and worked for some big firms in LA. He specializes in old houses, is sensitive to historic details and insists on hiding all new infrastructure. Robert helps plan for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, phone and cable so no wires are mounted on the outside of the house or along interior walls."
David Buchanan / Better By Design Construction 210-685-9578 4 stars
David is an outstanding craftsman/contractor. He is hands-on, involved in all phases of the job, including planning and design, working with you or your architect. He is trained in fine interior carpentry and also has a background in metal work, including specialty patina and other finishes. Better by Design has a long relationship with excellent subs for plumbing, painting, electrical, HVAC, masonry, concrete, specialty concrete finishes, pool, tile, and steel fabrication and erection. David worked on my historic renovation for 4 years and we are still in a happy client/contractor relationship! The bottom lines are: honesty, responsibility, depth of experience in historic as well as modern renovation, perfectionism. He cares about his work and his results show it.
Daniel Morales 210-908-0897 or 210-685-5038 4 stars
"He lives in Lavaca, does all the work himself and is very conscientious and dependable. He is the best plumber I have ever seen. Daniel is also a very good carpenter, sheetrocker, inside & outside painter, floor sander & refinishes, woodwork re-finisher & general repairman plus he knows how to pour & finish concrete; he did the driveway at my house. I have found his rates to be very reasonable."
Marcus Weiser, QCS,Inc 210-771-3330, 4 stars
"We've used him and his crew for foundation work, porch restoration, exterior painting and a number of other smaller projects. He's excellent as are his crew. On time, do good work, and clean up. He'll work with you to keep within your budget to give you the best quality." "Really liked working with Marcus. Showed up on time every way and worked with our unusual needs."
VoylerORR Builders 210-832-9357 4 stars
"Bill Orr is a former resident and friend of many in King William. Reliable and reasonable. His business is doing several fun projects with Lake Flato right now including new residential construction."
Steven Kaberline 210-542-9152 4 stars
"Steve is a restoration contractor that, along with Mr. Gonzalez (now retired), worked on at least 25 homes over a 25-30 year period for Walter Mathis. His last job was the north porch on 401 King William. Steve knows wood and which ones can be put where for strength, weather resistance and warping. He can solve many unusual problems that crop up in older homes and enjoys the work. Steve is also very knowledgeable when it comes to hunting down parts for older houses."

"I agree that Steve is a master woodworker. He created replacement pieces for my antique screen door frame. I made the mistake of hiring him as a "paint contractor"...something he definitely is NOT. I would agree with Steve's 4-stars for woodwork - and I would give him [much less] for painting."

David Lopez, DSL Construction na
1 star
"I have, literally, had to redo/repair everything he and his crew touched." "Disorganized, unreliable, poor craftsmanship, no attention to detail. Many things done poorly and had to be redone, or not done at all. Would not use again or recommend."
Alex Ovalle / Morningstar Maintenance 210-325-1365 1 star
"He does not know what he is doing, he hires people that do not know what they are doing, he leaves a mess behind and I have had to pay another contractor to fix all of his mistakes. He says he's a general contractor - I hired him to do sheetrock, tape and float, tile work, and some carpentry. I cannot point to a single thing he or his subs did with which I am happy. I strongly believe folks should be warned against using him."


Cabinetmakers, Furniture and Millworks

Peter Zubiate 210-532-7131
5 stars
"Peter is a master furniture/cabinet maker with extraordinary woodworking skills. He designs and builds fine high end, exquisitely crafted furniture. His work provides a nice flare to historic homes and improves property value. Pete is as good as it gets. Pricey in comparison to your average woodworker but well worth it. Pete's studio and home is in the old 1930's grocery store building at the corner of Devine and Labor (which is metaphorically fun, I think)."
Zack Seiter - South Presa Cabinets 210-325-4877 4+ stars
"Zack and his brother have amazing equipment and capabilities at their shop on South Presa They've also got a good bit of reclaimed lumber to work with and have done an impressive renovation on their property that's worth checking out, learning about energy efficiency, and getting some inspiration from."
Chuck Massey/Swings & Such 512-635-3886 4+ stars
"Chuck builds wonderful treadle swings (the prototype was built by our grandfather in 1910). He will build it and install it as a porch swing or as a garden swing with a substantial arbor/trellis support. He builds Adirondack chairs and he also does finished carpentry work such as bookshelves, cabinets, and entertainment centers. I keep telling him his prices are too low, but he won't listen to me. I have one of his porch swings on my front porch and he sets up an arbor swing in my driveway at 308 King William during King William Firepower by for a free test-ride. The treadle swing is a unique movement experience."
Elena’s Custom Woodwork Rafael, 210-303-9228, 2 stars
"They have built custom things for me like an entertainment center, pantry, hamper with drawers and can do much more." "Their work is the typical low cost work you'd see in the suburbs. This work isn't influenced by architecture or historic character."


The Ramos Brothers (Joe and John) 210-416-3699 4+ stars
"True master carpenters"
Emilo Flores - Custom Window Screens 210-259-1374
4+ stars
"I know carpenters that hire this guy to do their screens. Emilo also does screen doors. He uses Cyprus wood, primes and paints. I had him make historically appropriate storm windows (screens with glass) which have made our bedrooms really quiet and energy efficient. Emilo has a day job for a hardwood door company and has access to great wood and tools."
David "the Doorman" Morgan 210-849-4177 (cell) and 210-410-6667 (office) 4+ stars
"David removed a modern and rotting door from the side of my house, enlarged the opening (no easy task in the old-growth pine), and installed an old door that closely matched the old front door. As part of this process, he trimmed the door, inside and out, as well as a new adjacent window, all of which had been omitted from the last installation and which made a world of difference. David mostly just hangs doors and he does not paint. "
Paul Embry / Veritas Design & Contracting 210-385-3836 4+ stars
" Paul Embry is the owner and is a recent transplant from Boston, where he honed his design and carpentry skills and building trade restoring historic Boston area homes of all types. He has done extensive work at my house, including replacing outdoor stairs with new ones that are so sturdily built they will last at least another 60 years. Paul is that rare someone who has extensive knowledge and experience, is completely honest and drama free, but he will also be up front if he feels something is beyond his expertise. I cannot say enough good things about him, and I have been dealing with contractors since 1998 with my house and have seen the good the bad and the ugliest. "
Gary Dahlgren 210-400-9140 2 stars
" This guy is an amazing woodworker." "He flaked on the job and never came back"

Color Consulting

Doug Salde 210-467-2957 4 stars
"Doug is a painter, but more than that, he is a professional color consultant, helping chose colors, shades, tints that coordinate well with the customer's furnishings. he is an artist with over 20 years experience, specializing in faux and decorative finishing as well as concrete floors and furniture and cabinet restoration."
Jim Smith - Color Consultant 210-732-4250
4 stars
"This guy is somewhat of a legend. He's a color guru and can do a total work-up of your entire house complete with diagrams, themes, color patches and whathaveyou. Not expensive. Someone said he looks into the soul of your house, wrestles with it and makes it come to life." "I would warn people though, that he is very much the artist. When my wife first called him she said he sounded entirely unenthusiastic about the job. He did a great job. We are glad we stuck with him and we would recommend him to anyone." "Uses a predictably boring historic home color pallet."


Homer Daniels 210-823-2320
not rated
Prime-A-Pell 200 is considered the highest quality commercial grade concrete sealer out there. It's completely invisable (mette) and makes concrete hydrophobic. Highly recommended! Available only at All-Tex Supply 4718 Center Park Blvd, 78218, 210-967-4754



Allstone Counters 210-781-9057
4 stars
"Small granite-stone fabricator that was excellent to work with and would highly recommend."
Texas Custom Countertops 210-632-8768
2+ stars
"Father/Son, super nice, worked with the black science lab fabricated stone bought at the Restore. Brought stone cutting equipment and custom cut by the hour. They appear to do full service as well. Really great." "I had a bad experience with Texas Custom Countertops."

Drywall / Sheetrock

Villa Drywall 210-???
4 stars
"The guys are fast, professional and affordable. They are a company with several crews that are capable and professional. A whole house sheetrock job can take small crews weeks but these guys can do just about anything in a few days. The two times I've used them they've been great, listened to my concerns about scheduleing and difficult areas and came through with no issues. They offer two floating options - both of which are a good value - but the premium total float option does look super professional and is the way to go if you're super picky."
Jossue Flores 210-550-2260
4 stars
"Jossue did a wonderful job on our sheetrock. It had been patched, textured, and painted numerous times in our hundred year old home. He expertly smoothed the texture to look like new without any sanding. He speaks only spanish and is very inexpensive."
Rudy Hinajosa 210-924-1162
4 stars
"This guy doesn't sound very professional on the phone but he is badass. No sanding, no dust, no drops of mud on your floor. ArtPace uses him exclusively." "Rudy's eager to work and gets right to it. Great work at the right price. Paints too. " "Can be incredibly, unbelievably slow but the end product is really great."


Santiago Mungula, Munguia Electric 210-473-3273 4+ stars
"Super professional, capable and reasonably priced. Licensed, bonded and insured. Great for large projects like whole house rewiring." "Surprisingly affordable considering the large size of my job. Didn't complain at all when I made change orders in the middle of the project."
Joe Kuykendall JML Electric 210-290-3806 4+ stars
"Joe worked on the complete re-wiring of our 1890s house in 2002. Since then he has worked for me and my brother-in-law on a number of smaller projects. He works by himself now, so he prefers the small jobs that larger contractors are less interested in. Great guy, super honest and professional, very efficient, has found the source of problems that other electricians couldn't find."
Shawn Bradford, Bradford Electric 210-215-1731 4+ stars
"He is sensitive to old houses and honest and fair. He's great at hiding all the wires." "Shawn is a guy I'd like to hire over and over - what a great guy." "Shawn is a great resource for smaller jobs."
Richard Stein with RB Electrical 210-577-0115 4 stars
"Performed complete rewire of 1890 home that had three generations of electrical wiring. Prompt, responsive, communicative, and knowledgeable."
Earnest McNeal 210-887-5302 3+ stars
"Very reasonable prices and very honest. He has been very punctual, neat and dependable as well as reasonable with his bids." "he is delegating things to his son, who has a slight attitude and another helper, who is a wrecking machine, and the price is just sky high."
Volmer (Ferd) Electric 210-336-2676 3+ stars
Gueldner Electric 210-828-1378 3+ stars
Ed Calton 210-724-2126 2- stars
"Ed works for CPS and does big and small jobs on the side. I'd had issues with him showing up."



Al Franz Fence 210-492-7959 3+ stars
"I got quotes from every fencing company in town over a year period and no one came close to their prices and capabilities. Will do work without a permit. Ask for the Postmaster metal fence post - it's really smart. Use 6 inch cedar boards for greatest longevity (as opposed to pine or poplar)."
Rocko's Art Welding and Fence Building 210-778-1931 4 stars
"Rocko the fence man (who totally rocks) made my custom fence at 224 Lavaca - he is looking for work & is so reasonable." "We have been well satisfied with his work and price."

Flooring (not to be confused with the "Wood Floor Refinishing" section below)

Hicks Carpet 210-496-2121 4 stars
Larry Hicks came out and gave me a very good bid on floor covering at my house. They also refinish wood floors and run carpet up staircases (which takes some expertise with cutting the carpet and then binding it so it lays correctly). He installs it with nails under the runners, so it doesn't damage the floor underneath. Hicks has bamboo and cork as well as carpet and linoleum and the latest in vinyl coverings. He knows all about the proper hardware if you want to be authentic with your stair runner."



The Ramos Brothers (Joe and John) 210-532-1140, 210-416-3699 4 stars
"True master carpenters"
Tim 210-382-0573 4 stars
"On the ball framer - very quick."


Foundation and House Leveling

Reggie Arrambula 210-710-4518 or 210-823-6852 5 stars

"Reggie uses 10" round concrete piers that go 42 inches down. He uses re-bar in his piers and bolts each and every pier to the beams. He is the subcontractor from heaven that I've used on many houses. The inspectors always seemed shocked at the high quality of his work and want to know who he is." - a local general contractor

"A structural engineer recommended Reggie, so I trusted that the work would be very good. I was not disappointed. I have never worked with anyone as honest or polite as Reggie. Even when unexpected difficulties came up on the job, Reggie took care of it and at no extra cost. He made a very difficult job simple for me. The men showed up at work each day and I was never bothered. The team allowed me not to even think about the tough foundation work that was going on."

"I had the same house leveled twice in a 7 year period so I perhaps have a unique ability to compare and contrast Reggie's work to others. In addition to Reggie's unusual 42" pier depth (which goes a long way towards long term stability), he replaced the house's original 4x6 beams with treated 6x6 beams. He also used chains to ratchet the walls back into straight lines and made the whole house plumb again. The house is far more level when it was the first time I had it leveled, the bulges in the floor are gone and, most significantly, the house feels and sounds much more solid when walking thorough the house. Reggie was extremely professional and per my request, was able to keep the noise down during our daughters' nap time. Worth every penny."

"My husband and I got 3 quotes from 3 different levelers. One was super cheap, one was outrageously high and Reggie was right in the middle. After making the mistake of initially going with the cheap guy, on the second day of work we called the job off and called Reggie up to see if he could still take on our project. He was EXTREMELY courteous, honest and straightforward. He never once deviated from the original quote or the timeframe to complete the work (4 weeks). His crew was very polite, respectful of our home, and fast workers!! They were great in keeping waste down and routinely hauled off piles so that it wouldn’t get out of hand. In the middle of the project, my husband and I went out of town for a few days and not once worried about what was going on at home or doubt that we were in VERY capable hands. If we had it to do over again, we would’ve gone with Reggie from the beginning. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. AWESOME in every way. He is strictly a leveling guy - no skirting, no remodeling, just leveling; a master w/the level."

"Reggie put a new concrete pier foundation under my 2-story 1890's house in 2002. Not a drywall crack or settling problem anywhere in the house after 11 years. Other contractors (e.g., insulation) have actually said after seeing his work that it was the most professional foundation work they'd ever seen. His concrete work is wonderful, the carpentry in new beams is neat and skillful, and he is honest to a fault. He gives a realistic estimate of completion times and doesn't change his cost, regardless of problems he might run into under the house. TIP: Let the house settle on the new foundation for as long as possible before doing any drywall work. (In our case, it was 6 months)."


PHL Foundation, Pete Flores 210-913-4340 4 stars

"PHL installs piers at different depths. Load bearing walls have piers that are 64" deep and others are 36" Deep. The footing is a 24" square. Footings are reinforced with 12" of concrete and re-bar – 6ea. of 3/8" horizontal pieces per hole. The 4 pieces of re-bar used for the pier are tied together to form a square. Each 10" pier is also bolted to the beam to provide an additional strengthening factor and ties all the work together. Piers are 7' apart center to center. And unlike many foundation contracotrs, they can replace and paint the skirt and porches."

"Pete is a hands-on owner and is at the job site every day working along side his crew. PHL arrives at 8am and works hard all day until 5pm. The house looks and feels sound and the skirting work is simply outstanding. Pete and his crew are true professionals – no wasted time and continuously focused on performing first rate quality work. PHL also redid my porch and it turned out really great.”

Martin GL Hunt 210.648.1530 3+ stars
"Complete foundation repair for 1890 pier and beam. High-quality work, responsive, deadline-driven. A VP for the company routinely made visits to ensure the work was being done according to plan, even on weekends. "
Martin Rodriguez House Leveling 210-693-7912 3+ stars
"He gave us a good price, met time lines reasonably and kept a reasonably clean job site. We chose cement rather than cedar. His payment structure was fair; 1/3 payments." Martin is one of the only contractors that still use ceder posts (which many feel is the wrong technology to use).
Cuellar Foundation Repair 210-734-6393 3 stars
"Leveled our house in 2 days using adjustable steel piers that can be adjusted indefinitely to maintain the level in the future. Lifetime guarantee. They will re-level the house at any time in the future for a flat rate of $75. The lifetime guarantee can be transferred to future owners for a one time fee of $100. They also do concrete piers for less but refuse to do ceder piers as they feel ceder is the wrong technology to use." "I choose not to use them because they leave the old piers (which are ideally positioned) and simply install new ones between the old."
Beach and Dawson 210-416-0756 2 stars
"Reliable, easy to work with group of guys that work on one house at a time and keep their commitments." "Their engineering is solid but their pricing is a high in comparison to others on this list. Will only go to 24-30 inch pier depth." "They had more than 100% turnover during the month they worked on our house and the new guys didn't know what was going on. They were spectacularly terrible."
Gilbert Navarrette na 1 star

Has done several houses on Vance street and Southtown. 1 Year warranty. Gilbert left the impression that his work was good at a good price but with time, several people that have used him have reported problems with the work:

"As he was finishing the job I asked him about the unlevel interior floors and bulges in some rooms and he responded that that was normal and expected in an old house. I have had significant movement in the 5 years since (2-5 inches both vertically and laterally) that I suspect was do to poor work on their part. Gilbert hasn't returned any of my phone calls to come look at it."

Update: "After 6 years the piers were significantly diagonal and my house was in danger of falling over. After Gilbert wouldn't return my phone calls I hired Reggie Arrambula to completely re-level the house. Reggie's work and attention to detail made me realize that Gilbert completely ripped me off. It was painful to have to pay to have my house leveled twice within a 7 year period but 'live and learn' I guess." That's what this list is for.

Bless Foundation na 1 star
"Over zealous, fake, dishonest, evasive, very religious and like to brag about themselves annoyingly. They don't show up or are late and won't apologize for it. They charged Liberty Bar 70K for their job, took forever and put in that horrible, historically inappropriate orange stucco skirt that will eventually crack." "Several times they didn't show up for our appointment, and didn't call. Talked about Jesus a lot on the phone each time as if their religious stance somehow excused their absence."


Alan Cash 210-533-9005
Alan writes the "In The Garden" column of the KW newsletter and is always happy to provide free gardening advice. Alan also helps coordinate the dissemination of city donated trees.
Bob Carabin 210-212-7936
Bob is our neighborhood bamboo expert and guru. If you would like to see his dozens of bamboo varieties or just talk bamboo, Bob is the guy.

lavaca home lavaca home


AAAbsolute Gutters 210-842-7685
"This guy does a ton of work in SA"
ABC Supply Company 210-826-2336
This is a local supply company that supplies gutter installers with everything from traditional aluminium, to half round steeel and copper gutters. This is just a supply place, and doesn't affer installation.
Alamo Gutters 210-667-1830
recommended by ABC Supply
Weathershield Gutters 830-646-0488
Does seemless and seemless half round gutters.
Quality Gutter Systems 830-816-3322
recommended by ABC Supply
Austin Gutter King 512-276-9480 1 star

"I had the worst possible experience with Austin Gutter King. Their sales guy was great and very conviencing and I choose them for their experiece with historicially appropriate half round gutter with exposed cleats. However, it took several months to go through several departments and make an appointment with them. Even after I sent in my half up front deposit check it took over a month to get an appointment. A crew of two immature young men the crew arrived to install the gutters they admitted that they hadn't done this kind of gutter before. They struggled with the job that took two days instead of the one they expected. They were from Austin and compained about San Antonio, boasted about how much better Austin was and how they couldn't wait to get back. "You can have your San Antonio and your arts scene" they said. After they left the gutters filled up with water and leaked all over the place. The install was a complete failure - they weren't installed with a slope towards the downspouts, the flashing was backwards and the leaf guars were upsidedown. Austin Gutter King sent a supervisor out with the same two guys to fix the job. Unfortunately there are still problems with the gutters - they aren't all sloped towards the downspouts. The president of the company has reached out and offered to help. Unforatuntely his crew keeps reschdeluing on me at the last minute and can't be contacted by phone.

Although they have San Antonio based salesmen, this is an Austin based company that's finding it very hard to accomidate San Anontio based customers. To make matters worse their worked verbally insult me for the inconvience of having to drive so far, to such a "shitty town". I hope a San Antonio company starts offering residential half round gutter installs so that we have another choice!"

HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

Please keep in mind that HVAC systems have the biggest impact on a home's energy consumption. Spending more on a better unit pays off in the long run. Heat pump systems, instead of gas heating, is perfect for our climate in central Texas. Variable systems using "inverter" technology provide much greater efficiency, noise levels and dehumidify the air, which contributes greatly to comfort and mold prevention. Ask to have your manual J calculation performed onsite if possible.

M&M Weatherization (Scott Amador) 210-279-7219, 210-223-9575
4+ stars
"Having interviewed over 20 HVAC contractors recently, I find Scott to be unusually focused and knowledgeable. He is the first person I've seen that brings an iPad to perform the manual J calculation onsite, and to research equipment. The end result was a much more accurate Manual J and smarter system implementation."
4 Winds HVAC 210-892-2925
4 stars
"Small group that's great to work with and knowledgeable with the various Mitsubishi systems."
Lone Star AC & Heating (Jerome Burkholder) 210-415-3313
4 stars
"Woks with a variety of brands (including Mitsubishi) at excellent rates. Smart, small and eager to do a great job." "Gave me several quotes from several vendors. I liked his broad knowledge." CPS certified contractor.
Southwest Mechanical Services (Ray Butler) 830-980-4400 4 stars
"Very knowledgeable and progressive about out-of-the-ordinary options including Geothermal and heat pump. Does a lot of high-end installations. Recommended by building scientist/architect Chip Henderson."
Central Comfort (Jose Farias) 210-279-3641 4 stars
"Knowledgeable , progressive and open minded about a wide range of technologies. Jose gave me more options (Heat pump vs. conventional, ductless vs ducted, etc) than the other 5 vendors I had quote my job. Great guy who's very open to talking about the options and technology."
C&J Air Conditioning & Heating 210-340-2665 3+ stars
"Great at explaining the options and helped us understand and apply for the various tax credits and rebates. On time, professional, very competent." "Didn't think their outlet placement was very smart." CPS certified contractor.
Southern Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating (Shawn Hickman) 210-496-0947 3 stars
"Very knowledgeable. Loves to help strategize smart and efficient systems." "Not very interested in talking about unconventional options." "I was surprised Shawn wouldn't consider installing a heat pump in my home, simply dismissing them as systems that don't work."
Air-Stream 210-533-3264
2 stars
"Large company that's fairly knowledgeable with the Mitsubishi systems. I found working with them to be difficult because I received so many different calls and emails from different people within the company. They made multiple visits to the job site to take simple measurements. Their final measurements and manual J were grossly, grossly incorrect. The right hand didn't seem to know what the left was doing over there."
Alamo Service Company 210-227-7571 not rated
ASC works with the self contained Friedrich Vert-i-pak systems that can be nice for small environments and where multi zoning is needed.
Aire Tech 210-824-7659
2 stars
These guys are super nice and easy to deal with. But like a lot of contractors they oversold the capacity of our unit (5 tons for 1500 square feet) and didn't encourage steps towards energy efficiency. They installed the ductwork on the ground instead of hanging it from the floor joists which has caused nothing but problems every single year. I've had them out 3 times to repair the ductwork and each time found problems that weren't fixed after they left. They are really nice guys but they just don't understand the dynamics of working with historic homes and aren't very progressive with their implementation.
Beyer Mechanical 210-656-9027
not rated
HVAC Installation for both residential and commercial.

HVAC related links:
Unico makes a system of small-duct central heating and air conditioning systems. These systems can be installed unobtrusively with minimal visual impact with little or no remodeling.
M&M Metals makes custom steel ductwork.

Foam insulation outperforms all other insulation products and comes from renewable resources (soy, sugar cane, castor oil etc). Learn more here

Beicker Insulation (830) 305-2929, (830) 305-1979

5 stars

Licensed spray foam insulation installers. "Probably the first using foam in San Antonio and clearly the most knowledgeable. Their are particularly advanced at retrofit work."
Superior Insulation 210-340-1488 not rated
Licensed spray foam insulation installers. Recommended by
Key Insulation 210-937-1082 not rated
Licensed spray foam insulation installers. Recommended by
Texas Spray Foam 210-315-4225 not rated
Licensed Icynene spray foam Insulation installers.
Foam It 210-426-9263 not rated
Polyurethane foam Insulation installers.
South Texas Insulation 210-599-8681
not rated
Licensed Icynene spray foam Insulation installers. New construction only!

Kitchen Appliance Installation

FMO 210-648-4535 (w), 210-389-7815 (m)
4 stars
"FMO installs high end kitchen appliances and hoods. Waylen Pape is the general manager that you will talk to on the phone. Robert is their best installer that you should ask for. He is sensitive to the careful demolition and woodworking needs of historic homes. He spend two days installing a 60" hood with complicated duct routing in our home." See the related "Stainless Steal Care" section near the bottom of this page.

Landscaping and Excavation

Larry Alston, Alston's Lawn Service 210-421-7685
4 stars
"Larry lives in the neighborhood and does landscaping and lawn maintenance for several business owners on S. Alamo. He does high quality work, and really takes the time to do the job thoroughly."
Crain Canavan - Hacienda Landscape Company 210-296-4925
4 stars
"Perfect for residential projects. Charges reasonable rates by the hour and by the truckload. Shows up on time and is great to deal with."
Mark Nauschultz 210-225-1391x29
4 stars
"Marc is the head gardener at the Alamo. He does awesome moonlight (not moonlit) gardens and is reasonable and easy to work with. A superb professional."
Zack 210-325-4877
3 stars
"Zack has a mini excavator and a Bobcat right in Lavaca and likes doing work nearby within Southtown. Instead of renting out the excavator alone he prefers to operate the machine himself. So he comes with his excavator, digs what you need him to and that's it!" "Can be bad about not returning calls."


Mark Laven 210-736-0042 4 stars
Robert Diaz Do Leon 210-860-6226 4 stars
"Robert is talented artist and great guy that's done a whole bunch of fantastic installations all over the city, including the Pearl's "Pandalier" and "Chaindalier" chandeliers."
Jose Fernendez 210-788-1236 3 stars
"Jose is a great option is you need basic metal installed, folded or whathaveyou. He works on metal roofing at his day-job and I used him to re-purpose my old metal roof around my house as a skirt."


Juan Ramirez 210-799-5944 5 stars
"Juan is an unusally talented painter that goes the extra mile on the prepwork that's needed for top notch, total restoration work. He's great to have around a super trustworthy guy. I hired him for a year on our big remodel project not only using him as a painter, but also as a laborer for the builder and few a few odd crafts that reveal his hidden talents. He built our concrete walk-in shower and did an amazing job at it. Wish I could hire him again and again."
Doug Salde 210-467-2957 4 stars
"Doug is a painter, but more than that, he is a professional color consultant, helping chose colors, shades, tints that coordinate well with the customer's furnishings. he is an artist with over 20 years experience, specializing in faux and decorative finishing as well as concrete floors and furniture and cabinet restoration."
Edgar Garcia 210-693-1545 4 stars
"He has consistently done some over-the-top, high end work in our house over the years. We are really picky and couldn't be happier with what he's done for us."
Alfredo García 210-861-4644 4 stars
"Alfredo is a good painter; he's particular about his work and his prices are reasonable. He's also a nice person. He had just one helper on my job so it took him longer to paint my house than it would have taken a company with a large crew. He fit in some small jobs for other clients in between so that extended the time even more but I am very happy with his work.." "This guys work is great and the price is fantastic."
Rick Brook - Painter 210-736-0042 4 stars
"This guy isn't a painter, he's a "home restorer" He has parked himself at many King William homes for up to a year to do a job completely. Does everything himself without employees. You must schedule his time in advance."
Marty Vick 210-341-3985 4 stars
"Did a quality job repainting the interior of the King William Association office. Good attention to detail and easy to work with."
Felipe Flores, FF Painting 210-422-3148 4 stars
"His crew was considerate of our stuff and our cats and worked very hard in extreme heat to finish the project earlier than planned but in time for a big party. He paints both exteriors and interiors and can make minor repairs as part of the process."
Felipe Cortez don't have - please email me if you have his number 4 stars
"Primarily a painter, Felipe he also does wallpaper, tile work and wood refinishing. He has done work for Alan Cash and many others in the neighborhood."
Louie "the painter" Guerera and Augustine 210-797-8185 and 210-707-3583 2 stars
"These guys do light carpentry, thorough wood preparation and excellent painting. They are real craftsmen who take pride in their work. Louie and Augie prefer to work by the hour and be paid once a week. They will tell the property owner the supplies needed to do the job; owner does the purchasing. These men are good workers, trustworthy, safe to have around your house and family - and ready to go to work." "We had some problems with absenteeism and drinking on the job in 2011."
Domingo na less than 0 stars
"Domingo is a little guy that lives on labor street and knocks on doors offering to paint, scrape, hang gutters or do just about anything for cheap. Just wanted to put up a warning "Use at own risk." Our neighbors and us can both attest to that." "When his subcontractors didn't get paid by him they threatened ME and I was robbed a few days later. When it was all done Domingo demanded more than what we initially agreed upon."

Pet Control

Century Pest Control 210-344-8002 3+ stars
"Local pest control that helps eliminate all kinds of pests. They'll do handyman repair work as needed as part of their services. All-inclusive."



Joe Olmos 210-913-2017 4 stars
"I searched for weeks and weeks before I finally found someone that could repair the water damaged plaster ceiling molding in my front room. I also needed the ceiling in my hallway and old sleeping porch repaired. His team showed up on the date and time discussed; they chiseled away at the old plaster and cut out the old metal lath, installed new lath, skimmed on multiple coats of plaster and the finished product looks amazing. I would highly recommend him and to anyone that needs any plaster work done.."



David Guzman (and son Ralph) 210-264-1354 4+ stars
"They are very reasonable and punctual, polite and communicative. We think he's great." "Very satisfied with his work!" "Great for small repair work."
John Castillo 210-240-0962 4 stars
"John Castillo has done quite a bit of work for us. I find him to be a perfectionist, hard worker and very reasonable."
ET’s Plumbing 210-690-4100 4 stars
"Not the cheapest but does good, thorough work. Doesn't cut corners. Will tell you he’s never had a code violation, and he’s very proud of that. He’s done all sorts of repairs and installed a tankless water heater for us. "
Gerri Cross 210-772-0380 4 stars
"We've been happy with his work, and he is a total character."
Mark Lancaster 210-534-4880 or 210-778-4507 3 stars
"Great and available on short notice." "Straightforward, easy to work with, reasonably priced, everything you hear that so many plumbers are NOT." "Not a master plumber so he can't pull a permit. Likes to do smaller jobs." "Every run he's done for us had leaks." "Work seemed sloppy and had a leak." "Didn't return my phone call."
Paul Stoffel at APC Plumbing 210-697-6353 3 stars
"Professional and organized." "Overworked, overpriced and stressed out."
Any Time Plumber - JJ 210-923-3188 3 stars
"They were great—reasonable price, punctual, fast. I would definitely use them again. " "They scratched the new marble tile, they cracked many tiles in the shower when installing the external shower fixtures. They cut some pipes to make the fixture 'fit' and now I have to reorder the parts. They kept saying they would fix it, but I finally had to just ask them to stop"
Blake Alexander 210-884-1103 3 stars
"Seasoned professional." " Didn't want to do anything unconventional like on-demand water heaters Came in at more than double my other quotes. He seemed to be fishing for a sucker and a high profit job."
Paul 210-654-3698 3 stars
"His price was much lower than other bids, but the jury may still be out. He did get it done quickly and [so and so] were pleased with work that he did on their house. He is certified."
Victor DeLaRosa 210-392-9372 2+ stars
"Victor has a day job and loves doing odd jobs on weekends and evenings. He's a younger guy that's excited about his work and really goes the extra mile." "Cuts corners and didn't return my phone calls when I had problems later."
Charles Barnes 210-842-7376 2 stars
"I've used him for years on various projects and he's always been great." "Won't return phone calls." "I hired him but he didn't show up to do the job."


Iron Clad Roofing (formerly Texas Shelter) 210-316-6595 4+ stars

"I loved meeting and working with Mike! He suggested we claim for our extensive hail damage (which no one else suggested) and he likes to use a "double munch" standing folded seem instead of a cap at no extra charge. They can do gutters at the same time as the roofing. 10% discount with ad from the King William Newsletter."

"Mike Rodriguez delivered just what he promised in completely replacing our large, standing-seam, double-munch roof on a King William historic home. Of equal importance, he was clearly very experienced in working with my insurance company to help me receive appropriate reimbursement due to recent hail damage. This made the whole project extremely affordable. I recommend him highly."

"He came out quickly to do an estimate, helped me with the insurance claim process and even included the replacement of the gutter at the front of the house and the replacement of the shingled areas over our front porch and back addition with metal. I wasn't looking to replace the entire roof, but he found a lot more damage than I had realized (we'd done some patchwork here and there) and was able to get the insurance company to cover the cost and I paid him the difference of my deductible. The guys that came out to do the work got here every morning around 7:30am and worked until about 5:30pm and cleaned up after every day of work. I'm very happy with the result."

"Just a good word for Mike Rodriguez/Iron Clad. He put a new metal roof on our home at 144 Crofton and did a remarkably great job. 5 stars! I heavily recommend this man and have. "

Roberto Cruz 210-413-2282 4+ stars
"Metal roofing done right. Custom made heavy galvalume standing seem panels with hand folded ridgelines." "Roberto's worki s first class. He makes standing seaming panels onsite and hand folded ridge seams like they used to 100+ years ago. This is the most historic way to replace your roof."
Joe Woods - Woods Roofing and Sheet Metal 804-0004 4+ stars
"He does continual work for the Conservation Society so apparently they are pleased with his work. I received a grant from the C.S. for roof repair on my home which was built in 1906. The work was completed in one day; the work was first class. They are thorough, clean, and very honest. They replaced the flashing on my chimney, sealed the bricks on the chimney, sealed holes in the roof, replaced old nails with screws, and replaced two drain spouts that were too small for the flow of water from my gutters."
Cloud Roofing 366-9484 4 stars
"Cloud Roofing was a great company to work with. Theirs was the lowest bid, and they were the most professional of the three roofers I requested bids from. They tore off the old roof and replaced with radiant barrier decking, new felt & a 30 year architectural shingle. They completed the job in one day plus 2 hours the next morning and cleaned up VERY well. Did not find a single nail." Unfortunately they don't do any historically appropriate metal roofing.
Robert Bonilla 210-669-7577 4 stars
Does traditional folded standing seem work.
Marcus Pepper 4 stars
Does traditional folded standing seem work. "He replaced our standing seam metal roof and did an excellent job. Crews worked timely, efficiently and cleaned up. "
Jose Martinez 210-416-5021, 210-416-9385 3+ stars
He does quality medal roofing. Has been known to take longer and cost more than expected. However, he still ends up charging an overall low price.
Stephens Roofing & Remodeling 210-862-2424 3+ stars
Full service roofing contractor. "This company was prompt, quick to provide a written and well written contract with their bid, and did the job in about 2 days. Very satisfied customer."
Southwest Metal Roofing Systems 210-822-6868 2+ stars
Specializes in metal roofing. "Although I liked these guys I got the impression they just crank out huge amounts of jobs and aren't interested in customizing or out-of-the-oridinary solutions. For example they really prefer using the large ridgeline caps that are easy to install but aren't historically appropriate. They won't do folded seems or gutters." "Their salesperson refused to speak to me - he would only speak to my husband. We did get an estimate, but didn't even consider them due to his rude behavior."




Smartworld Energy - Gustavo Mendoza 210-465-1021 4 stars
"I cannot recommend Gustavo Mendoza with Smartworld Energy highly enough. Gustavo was the only solar contractor who asked to see our power bills to determine the most economically feasible amount of solar power generation for us, and then he figured out how to make that amount work with our unusual roof shape and within the historic district rules. He also did the HDRC application, and kept us informed at every step of the permitting, construction, and inspection processes with the city and CPS. I don't think I've ever worked with a contractor on anything who was so good to work with.."
Freedom Solar Power   2 stars
"Freedom Solar Power visited our house to assess our needs. They appeared unfamiliar with the HDRC. They ultimately offered a smaller system at a higher price and did not seem interested in problem-solving or determining our needs. It seemed like our job was too small for them to be really interested."
CAM Solar   2 stars
"CAM Solar never visited our house in person, and sent a last-minute bid, based on the view of our roof from google maps, that proposed panels that would be in full view of the street. When we pointed out that we didn't want this and that it would not be approved by the HDRC in any case, the contractor suggested that we try to challenge the HDRC guidelines. When we declined this approach, he concluded that our roof would allow only two south-facing panels, and then withdrew the bid."
SolarSA   2 stars
"It seemed like our residential job was too small for them to be interested. Could get them to even bid on our job."


Baltazar Espinosa 210-927-6446, 210-224-6163 5 stars
"Baltazar Espinosa is a soft limestone mason. Baltazar learned his craft in Mexico. He is the #1 soft limestone mason recommended by the Conservation Society and is in constant demand. His recipe for mixing mortar for soft stone is crucial to the success of the project. The best way to get his services is to collaborate with Ron Bauml, Properties Restoration Manager 224-6163." "From personal experience, he should have 10 stars. He did inside and outside of my caliche block house. He is a genius and great guy."


Southcentral Surveyors 210-534-6700 4 stars
"Southtown's very own land surveyors. Located at 1514 South Presa. Very professional and great to work with."



Juan Estrada 210-334-7019 4 stars
"Came highly recommended to us and has worked for us twice. He is always on time, careful with my home (drop cloths galore), checks to make sure the progress is what you expect as the job gets done, and completes the job professionally. And he is reasonably priced."
Mario Vasquez (210) 336-7704 4 stars
"Quick, effectient and really good."
Don Kreig 210-415-4944 4 stars
"Don has been around for a long time. Does all jobs big and small. Don does excellent tile work and is very reliable and on-time."
Danny Amador 210-733-5905, 210-559-7481 not rated
Noti 210-559-7476 not rated


Tree Maintenance

New Heights Tree Service 210-386-4252 4+ stars
"These guys are fantastic!" "They are reasonably priced and professional to deal with. Clay returns calls promptly, provides quick estimates, and shows up on time with the crew who work expertly and quickly. And the company was not only licensed, but insured -- two important things often cavalierly overlooked by contractors in San Antonio that go a long way toward protecting consumers from a tree falling on their house or car, or a worker getting injured in the line of duty."
Tree Wise Men 210-737-8733
4 stars
"Jordy is a fantastic guy to work with and Certified Arborist. When pruning trees they prune for beauty and longevity and follows horticultural rules. They really know their stuff, are fantastic to brainstorm with, are super trustworthy and reasonable on their pricing. Couldn't recommend them more." "TWM's quotes are consistantly much higher than the others - $1650 to remove a single medium size, easy to access tree seems excessive and more than double what the others quoted."
John Junier, JJ Tree Service 210-520-4370 or 210-823-6192 4 stars
"John does all sorts of tree work and is very professional. Quick and very clean to remove weeds, trees, etc."
Tejada Tree Experts 3 stars
"Just used Tejada Tree Experts to have some stumps pulled out and a tree taken down. Diego and his dad Julio did a great job for a reasonable price. Would use them again."


Windows (restoration, glass supply, coatings, washing and weather striping)

My Three Sons 210-777-5934
4 stars
"Architectural restoration and renovation of doors and windows."
Luna Glass 210-533-5788
4 stars
"Located at 1806 St Marys across from Brac High, Luna Glass is a great, knowledgeable glass supplier. Great to work with. Other SA suppliers (including Samuels and Thad Zeigler) offer the same glass products for 40-75% more than Luna. Luna's prices and service are great!" "Although it wasn't cheap, I found their .25 inch Sungate 500 laminated Low-E product to be an excellent option for single pane glass replacement."
Absolute Solar Experts 210-782-8342
4 stars
"Unusually knowledgeable experts at creating energy efficient window solutions. Their V-Kool film product makes any existing window glass insanely energy efficient for $12 a square foot."
Jim Carter - Century Wood Windows 210-410-5303
2 stars
"Installs copper sash weather-stripping into existing windows. Rebuilds and build wood windows too." "Jim is incredibly knowledgeable about windows and can be very charming. We had him completely restore 6 double hung windows. He didn't deliver without excessive hounding. The windows remain seriously drafty - he assured us he'd fix this (months ago) and now we are just giving up on him. "
Mel Guitierrez   2 stars
"Mel promised us extensive work and barely did half of it, despite some decent references and numerous draws. He also hired a "painting" crew that wrecked part of the exterior of our house with paint remover. He would disappear for days and finally just never showed back up to finish the job. Avoid."


Window Cleaning

Clear View Window Cleaning 210-344-6257 and 210-656-6677 4+ stars
Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, etc. Ralph Cordero:

Wood Floor Refinishing

Roger Garcia Wood Floor Services 210-269-5260 5 stars
"He uses 3 coats of oil based Polyurethane applied by hand. I love this guy. Wish I could hire him again. Has been working in Southtown for a long time." "Don't judge this book by its cover - Roger is awesome." "Roger is a floor guy and should not be hired for anything else." "I want to say I agree with you totally about Roger. He did my wood floors 15 years ago, and they are still in perfect condition. He is absolutely the BEST for wood floors and reasonably priced too!!!" "Roger and his crew worked on my 1931 home and brought the wood floors back to life. I highly recommend him for wood floor refinishing!"
Roberto Garcia 210.269.5260 4 stars
"Complete refinishing of wooden floors in 1890 home. Beautiful work. Detail oriented. Professional. Our house had at least three layers of laminate and carpeting throughout. He found the floors and returned them to their proper glory."

Wood Furniture Refinishing

Philip Brace 210-532-2350 4 stars
Felipe Cortez 210-885-5098 4 stars

lavaca home lavaca home

Local Retail and Hardware Stores

Lampcrafters Hildebrand, west of IH-10
I got some adjustable hardware from Lampcrafters which enable me to connect vintage lighting fixtures to contemporary junction boxes (i.e., to code).

General Advice

"Handymen are often such because they aren't particualrly good at anything but are 'good enough' at a lot of things. Consider hiring highly experienced craftspeople within a speciality instead."

"Don't hire anyone who answers their business phone with "Ugghhh" or "yeah" or comes to your front door asking for work."

"Although it might sound clean and easy, stucco skirts for wood homes are neither historically appropriate nor a good idea as the house continues to move. Stucco skirts are a pain to remove or repair once they start cracking. Horizontal treated wood slats move with the house, were the material of the day and are better use today than ever."

"I think any historic homeowner should have some premium wood glue and pipe clamps handy. In an old wood home you'll find them useful for re-gluing doors, furniture, flooring and all kinds of little things. And having some felt to put on the bottom of all furnature will protect the floors and make the furnature easier to move around."

"Never pay the whole price up front and the more you can develop a good relationship with all your contractors and service/construction people, the more they will have invested in you as a customer. With the non chain/local/smaller guys, you are not just a number in a spreadsheet, you are a customer whom the contractor depends on for their living. So, I am very much in favor of patronizing local and smaller businesses. Places like Home Depot and Lowes may offer good sounding deals, but they sub out the work to people you don't know and they don't have much interest in follow through, in my opinion."

"Have fun, don't freak out, and take one thing at a time. Do it right, don't hurry the process and you'll have a great home."

Stainless Steel Care

I know this is a little off topic but I struggled for years with this before one of the contractors on this list taught me how to care for the stainless products in my kitchen.

Stainless products should only be cleaned with warm soapy water applied with a cotton cloth. Stainless steel has a protective coating on it that makes it pretty easy to keep clean this way until the coating wears off. Paper towels, the scrubby side of sponges, other chemical cleaners and abrasives should never be used. The surface texture is surprisingly susceptible to scratches with these products.

After cleaning you can reapply the protective coating by applying Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner ( using a separate dedicated cotton cloth for this purpose. Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner should be thought of as a coating or polish but not a cleaner. This coating restores the luster and dirt and rust resistance stainless has when new. This coating should be applied as necessary and isn't needed after every cleaning.

Should you have some stainless products that haven't been taken care of that have gunk that can't be removed with soapy warm water you can clean them with a cotton cloth and Bar Keepers Friend ( Bar Keepers Friend is a minimally abrasive powder that is safe for use on all metals including copper. Bar Keepers Friend will completely remove the gunk and protective coating from stainless so one should rinse and reapply the coating after cleaning. This process can restore surprisingly damaged stainless products. This type of deep cleaning can then be avoided with regular cleaning with warm soapy water.


The place to get paint stripped from wood (doors, siding, etc) and to find reclaimed hardware, doors, windows, etc. This is a historic preservationists dream and a great place to get ideas for a project.
A great resource for those interested in restoring their original windows.
Historicially appropriate kitchen and bath hardware . Particuarly notable for bearclaw bathtub hardware. Surprisingly affordable.
Knobs for Less
Affordable, high qulity knobs for cabinets, drwaers, etc. Affordable.
An outstanding resourace for historicially appropriate hardware of all kinds. Their selection is unparrelled. Expensive.
San Antonio's residential Green Building Program with tons of great resources.
The Preservation Resource Group is a mail order company that caters to preservation / restoration / conservation professionals and those charged with the maintenance of historic structures and objects. Check out their non-toxic wood preservatives.
Do It Yourself Home Improvement, Repair, Remodeling
This magazine but has some really helpful info and some inspiring examples.
This magazine has detailed home restoration techniques and discussion about new materials. Aimed at the restoration professional. From there you might check out Taunten Press's other magazine sites, Fine Woodworking, Fine Gardening and others.
Fine Homebuilding's online forum, where you can learn from the veterans, share your own secrets of success, and simply chat about all aspects of home building.
Use the website to find out if a prospective contractor is licensed in San Antonio
The King William neighborhood office email is The website is and it contains lots of great information and links pertaining to our area and historic preservation. This King William Fair has it's own website at
The Lavaca Neighborhood Association website can be found at The current president of the association can be contacted at
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
Rainwater Harvesting

TankTown, BlueScope Water and Texas Rainwater Collection Systems all install rainwater collection systems throughout central Texas.The Rainwaterhog tank was designed to store water in small spaces - against side walls and under houses.

lavaca home lavaca home

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